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About The Series

Growing up in the Cotswolds , it was hard not to grow up with Giffords Circus. From the first time I saw them at the age of 14, I was completely captured by its raw, vintage beauty, and the romanticism of Nell Gifford's path to realising her dream. 

Having then belligerently chased down my own dream of being a photographer - forging a life in London shooting within the worlds of music, fashion & editorial - 16 years later I find myself working alongside all those within this very Circus.  

This reportage series of behind the scenes imagery, has been a 'bit on the side' of the main work done with Giffords Circus this year - a project driven by passion which has unwittingly unveiled, a tiny glimpse into the lives of those who sacrifice, live, breathe and push themselves to the edge of everything, for their art.  

Huge love and thanks to every single one of you.

These are limited edition prints - 25 reproductions of each photograph only. Each print will be signed - And are high quality, matte, C-type prints with a 1.2 inch mount border.